Monday, April 17, 2006

Even my boomer dad gets it

Yesterday, I visited my dad to have an Easter Sunday dinner. He's a Baby Boomer and at 59 years old, he said something to me that lets me know that he "gets it." Although he has never been online, he certainly understands why certain industries, such as broadcasting, are doing so poorly while podcasting is taking off.

Over roasted chicken and rice & peas, my dad talked about the reasons why he would never pay for cable (although he's had it for years - don't ask).

He said, "The cable companies show me the same thing over and over, so why the heck would I ever pay for it? Give the people what they want, or they'll go somewhere else to find it."

Little did he know that he's talking about the exact phenomenon that's sweeping the Internet right now - on demand content. It's the reason why more and more broadcasters are offering their TV shows as a download through iTunes (albeit for a fee). It's the reason why podcasting is taking off.

Cable companies and broadcasters need to wake up. In the words of my boomer dad, "Give the people what they want, when they want it."


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