Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rynor: The community building aspect of podcasting

Becky Rynor, a writer who attended the Podcasters Across Borders conference a couple weekends back, had an article published today on podcasting. The lousy thing is that you need a subscription in order to read the article. So un-podcast-like. I mean, the purchasing part.

In any case, I went to my closest Internationale Presse store and purchased a copy of the Ottawa Citizen. I was rather pleased with the article. I was happy to see Rynor clear up some misconceptions ("No, you don't need an iPod to listen to a podcast") and she included many female voices, including yours truly.

She included a quote from me at the end of the article that seemed to sum up the mood of the conference and podcasting in general. What was my winning quote?

"That's what I love about podcasting. The community of podcasters is so open, even though we are all here as competitors. No other industry does this. We share ideas. We give. And we give back."

Blah. I've got to come up with some better quotes. Here are some quotes from the article that I wish I had said.

Bob Goyetche, organizer of PAB and host of Canadian Podcast Buffet:
"With podcasting, I'm as powerful as ABC."

Julien Smith, host of In Over Your Head:
"I would rather listen to a 15-year old who is having trouble at school, than a mainstream radio host who has nothing to say."

Cathi Bond, host of The Sniffer:
"Podcasting is about doing every single thing the CBC won't let me do."

Neil Gorman, host of Comicology:
"[Podcasting] is out Speaker's Corner. It's so cool."

Grab a copy online or go to one of those stores that sell international magazines and newspapers to pick up your copy of this article.

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