Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Audio4Fun: Can I sound like Worf?

I came across one of the most puzzling podcasting tools. It's voice changing software called Audio4Fun produced by a company called Avnex.

Apparently, a podcaster can have multiple conversations with himself (only Lucifer was able to do this, mind you), then use Audio4Fun to adjust the levels, pitch and frequency to go from sounding like Brittany Spears to James Earl Jones.

This would be useful if you don't want to hire voice talent to add another voice to your podcast. Just use your own, then Audio4Fun-it.

While some will use this audio for fun, it can be used for not-so-legal purposes as well. But if CSI is any indication, no forensics scientist would ever be fooled by someone who said they interviewed George Bush for their podcast, when in fact it was their kid sister who simply read a script.


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