Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Libsyn confirms the number of podcast listeners

This is what I like. Statistics that are based on real stuff instead of polling a few thousand people where the sample is too narrow.

Libsyn, a company that provides inexpensive hosting for podcasts, just released a report that looked at the number of people requesting podcast feeds through their service.

Someone replied to this report on Libsyn's blog saying that measuring by unique IPs is not accurate since many use IPs that dynamically change. This is true for me. I'm on high speed and everytime I connect to the Internet, a different IP address is assigned to me. Keeps the hackers at bay since it's difficult to find me :P

But despite this, with just over 45-million people accessing podcasts through Libsyn, can we still claim that only 1% of adults have actually downloaded a podcast?


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