Sunday, April 23, 2006

Toronto Podcasters Meetup

Last night, I met with a bunch of cool dudes and dudettes who are all podcasters. It was organized by Chris of the Tangents podcast.

I finally met Ninja, whom I had been emailing with over the past few weeks. Cool gal and it was great to put a name to a face.

The best intro goes to Jay. He hosts the Toronto Independent Music podcast and if you were to ask what his podcast is all about, he'd say "We cover Toronto (raise eyebrow) independent (slight smirk) music."


Another interesting quote came from one of the video podcasters (or is it videocaster, vidcaster, vodcaster, vidblogger, someone make the final decision please), Matthew Hoos of Dead End Days and Cerealized.

Of course, they grouped together in a corner looking like they were sharing the secret documents on how the caramel gets into a Cadbury chocolate bar. I approached the group just to say a quick hi as I was on my out and when I asked what they were doing, Matthew said, "Oh, we're the video podcasters. Audio is just half the story."


Another great quote came from Joe of the Indie Can Music podcast. When Jay asked if a mutual colleague was going to attend the meeting, Joe said, "No, he's had domestic management issues."

I've got to use that one.

The podchick should be producing a video podcast of our meetup. I'll post the link as soon as she posts it.

Other podcasters of note:

There were others whom I met, but I didn't grab their business cards, so I don't really remember who you are. However, I do want to say it was an awesome meetup and now it's time for us to take this podcasting thing to the mainstream.


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