Friday, April 21, 2006

PRWeb calls podcasting a sound (financial) decision

PRWeb, the largest distributor of online press releases, has said that adding a podcasting service to its line of offerings has been the best decision it has made.

What's even better, is that PRWeb charges people $200 to be interviewed for its podcast.

Here's how the process works:

  • A company, let's call them XYZ Corp., writes a press release about a new product launch and submits it to PRWeb.
  • To enhance the delivery of the press release, XYZ Corp. purchases a package in increments of $10. For as little as $30, XYZ Corp's press release will be sent to 5 news outlets. For $50, it will be sent to 8 and so on.
  • Then, for an extra $200, XYZ Corp. will be contacted by a PRWeb staff member to be interviewed for its podcast.

According to Andrew Schlichting, PRWeb's Web 2.0 Content Manager, there have been 30,000 downloads of their podcast since launching the service in February 2006. With just over 200 podcasts produced to date and each podcast featuring 1 guest, this works out to be ($200 x 1 x 200) = $40,000 in 60-days. Not a bad chunk of change, huh?

Want to listen to the PRWeb Podcast? The best thing to do is download iTunes to your computer. Once you've installed it, open iTunes, then go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast, then copy and paste this URL into the box -


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