Sunday, July 30, 2006

How many podcasting hours are you clocking in?

I use iTunes to listen to my podcasts. I just double-click the icon on my desktop and that little baby opens up showing all the podcasts I'm subscribed to.

At last count, there's about 27 podcasts on my list. I subscribed to some for research purposes and found them good enough to keep on my list. Others are there because I met the host in person and liked their attitude so much, I subscribed to their podcast. Still others are on my list because I just find the content engaging.

Until I looked at the number of listening hours that showed up at the bottom of my iTunes screen.

"47 items, 19.4 hours, 917.8 MB"
My goodness, where am I going to fit in 19.4 hours of listening time?

Update: I just unsubscribed from a whole slew of podcasts and have narrowed down my listening hours to 6.9 hours for 15 podcasts.

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