Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Podcasting audience young and highly wired? Think again, Nielson

Yet another survey being released on podcasting. This time, Nielson is weighing in on the growth of this industry. One thing really stuck out:

"In typical Internet fashion, podcasting is being adopted first by younger, more tech savvy demographics. The youthful end of the adult world, 18-24 year-olds, are nearly twice as likely to be active podcast consumers, while adults 45 and older fall mostly below the podcasting curve."
Well, it seems like Canadians are finally outpacing Americans in this area. According to the survey that Sequentia and my company ran (the report is being released on July 21st), Canadian podcast listeners are older and are almost evenly split between men and women. Fifty-one percent of the people who filled out our survey are women, while 59% of Canadian podcast listeners are between 25-44.

Nielson reports that Americans over 45 fall mostly below the podcasting curve. However, Canadians over 45 know about podcasting and are actively listening to them. What's surprising is that 25% of Canadian podcast listeners are over 45, while only 14% of Canadian podcast listeners are between 18-24.

So, gimme a break Nielson. Stop feeding unfounded stereotypes about who podcast listeners are. At least Canadians are mature in their podcasting habits.

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