Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mesh totally misses the podcasting boat

Mesh started yesterday. I'm not there simply because I have too many deadlines to attend to, but needless to say, I'm disappointed that they're not podcasting either from the floor or in the weeks leading up to the big day.

This is another example of a conference doing it all wrong (I mentioned another failed example here) when it comes to podcasting. And to think, this is a conference on Web 2.0 and the only thing they're using to update the outside world is a blog. Oh yeah and a wiki, but that hasn't been updated in days (unless you count the RSS feeds).

Mesh is in a position to do things differently. And yes, they've tried. They introduced an unconference room, which allows people to hold impromptu meetings and discussions. Cool idea.

Mesh also gave 15-minutes of fame to 6 people who weren't on any of the panels to give them a chance to talk about their projects. Cool idea again.

But where Mesh falls short is the lack of using a podcast to provide teasers to those who couldn't attend because they decided not to or procrastinated to the point where they missed out on getting tickets at all (Mesh sold out).

Mesh is podcasting after the event, but this is too late. And I'm sure they're going to provide all the speeches in full in their podcast after the event is over instead of using it as a lead generating tool. Don't believe me? Put $10 on the line and I guarantee you'll have to send it to me via Pay Pal.

Had they been podcasting in the weeks leading up to the event, they would've sold out much sooner because they would've created excitement, a feeling that this is an event that can't be missed.

But sadly, they didn't. Another case study on how another conference missed the podcasting boat.

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