Thursday, May 11, 2006

History of podcasting according to Google Trends

Podcasting Trends from Google Look what my pal Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting sent me (he has an awesome voice as well, just listen to his podcast and see if you agree).

Dave said:

"Leesa, I know how you like stats. I never knew Google had his tool. Check it out."
Yes Dave, numbers and statistics really make me giggle with joy. If that's the case, why did I barely pass my third year stats class in university?

I digress...

Okay, why is this tool so cool?
  • It shows when people started searching for the term podcasting in Google (late 2004).
  • It shows the volume of news articles related to podcasting.
  • It also shows how each news item influenced searches on the term podcasting.
  • It shows which countries. languages and cities leading the way in searching for the term podcasting.
  • And lastly, the number help to prove that podcasting is indeed growing.
This really helps because if I meet anyone who tells me they've been podcasting for 2-years, I know they're lying since podcasting only took off in late '04. And I mean late.

Not only that but this trend tool from Google helps me to continue to build a case for business podcasting.

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