Monday, May 01, 2006

Jerry Langton: No gals in his podcasting article

Jerry Langton wrote an article for the Toronto Star last week on podcasting.

While it's a good read and he quoted a couple of guys that I know who are into podcasting (namely, Tod Maffin and Tim Shore), I'm dismayed to see that not one woman was quoted, mentioned or even interviewed.

Now, there's nothing wrong with these 2 dudes. I met Tim at iSummit (what about that coffee?) and Tod and I emailed each other a couple of months back. So, they're both all around cool guys.

My gripe isn't with Tod or Tim.

It's with Jerry simply because with all the gals out there who are podcasting, our voices aren't reflected in his article. His article simply proves the argument that marketing directors and other corporate types keep telling me in sales meetings, which is:

"Leesa, this is interesting, but only teenaged boys are listening to these podcasts anyways. Call us in 4-years when our target market has finally downloaded one of those things."

Thanks for making my job that much harder, Jerry.

So, maybe you just didn't know where to go to get any female podcasting voices. Fair enough, that's a legitimate excuse. Here's the research that I've put together that will make it easier for you to femme-up your next podcasting article:

  1. The gals at are the first podcasters to secure a six-figure sponsorship deal from Dixie Cups.

  2. Audrey Reed-Granger, the marketing director over at Whirlpool, broke new ground in corporate marketing by introducing an issues-based podcast without promoting any Whirlpool products.

  3. Penny Haynes, a podcaster who was teaching people how to podcast before podcasting became a buzzword, was the first to hold a virtual expo on podcasting.

  4. Need a Canadian? Well, I've been called a podcasting expert (not self-proclaimed, I might add).

  5. I included this link above, but I'll do so again. Amy Gahran put together a list of female podcasters. I can help you shift through the clutter and pull out the active and most interesting female podcasters to interview.

Has that helped?

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