Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sixty-six people decide podcasting's fate

Hohum, yet another survey that makes a blanket statement about podcasting off a very small sample size.

And I do mean small. Miniscule. Minute. Tiny. In essence, inconsequential.

Exactly 109 of the 300 people who are members of the Dallas chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators took a survey to gauge their podcasting knowledge. It found that 61% of respondents knew what podcasting is but had yet to listen to one.

So, let's do the math here. What is 61% of 109? About 66 people. Sixty-six people said they never listened to a podcast and now Roy Miller, the president of the Dallas chapter of IABC claims:

"This clearly shows that podcasting remains a communications tool for early adopters."

You're kidding me.

What is this world coming to when we sit back and draw conclusions about an industry based on what 66 people have to say? Gimme a break.

The day is coming when someone, somewhere will publish results about people's knowledge about podcasting that are based on a sample size larger than the town of Beaverton (not this one, but this one) and isn't stuffed with respondents who all go to church on Sunday, bowl on Tuesdays, do chair aerobics on Saturdays and think that the Internet is a new hair covering you place on your head before baking apple pies.


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