Thursday, May 04, 2006

Connecting Point doesn't connect with podcast

I found yet another podcast where the company misses the mark.

A keynote address to the New Mexico Spa Association regarding branding your spa is now available for instant download at Connecting Point Communications, says their press release.

I wouldn't have recommended podcasting the entire keynote. My goodness, if I paid to attend this conference and I knew the speech was available for free on a podcast, I wouldn't bother attending the conference next year. I'd just wait for the podcast and download the whole kit and kaboodle for free, thus saving myself transportation and hotel costs.

Trade shows and conferences have to use podcasts to entice people to attend their show, not keep them away. Remember, your podcast is a lead generating tool. Provide small clips and leave your listeners salivating for more.

I would've told this fine group at Connecting Point Communications to start the podcast with a message from the event organizer. Then, provide just 10-minutes of the keynote address by Holly Hitzemann and Mary Ellen Merrigan, then end off with 5-minutes of comments from attendees who heard the entire speech. The outro should just simply say:

"To hear the entire keynote address called 'Stars and Strikes, Defining the Factors that Lead to Brandtastic' go to our website at to..."

Then, you encourage listeners to purchase the recording of the keynote on CD or sign up for our newsletter to download the entire MP3 file.

Get it?

Don't give away the farm. Tempt listeners with breadcrumbs and get them to go to your website for the french baguette with whipped cream cheese.

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