Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bruce Murray - Editing Your Podcast

Bruce Murray was by far the most humourous presenter. While his session wasn't interactive, we were all certainly entertained. He spoke at length about editing and his main message was, "A good edit is one that you can't hear."

Some other points he made:

  • Having different tracks while editing gives you greater flexibility, however, the file is big in terms of space and is demanding on your computer system. So, you sacrifice one for the other.

  • Don't be afraid to use sounds to create an environment in your podcast. Bruce talked about podcasting from a cafe, however, he actually recorded the podcast from his office. Use familiar sounds to create the effect of being in a time or place. Just type in "sound fx" or "sound effects" in Google to grab your sounds.

  • If using music, record in a stereo format.

  • Use shortcuts. CLT-S for saving your file (Command-S for Macs), CLT-Z for cutting (Command-Z for Macs), etc.

  • Edit with headphones, then mix down with speakers.

  • Use plenty of duct tape.

  • To avoid legal hot water, use podsafe music. I highly recommend Podshow. Also, you can download the Podcasting Legal Guide at Creative Commons. It's based on American laws, however, there's a Canadian version in the works.

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