Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cathi Bond & Nora Young - Planning Your Podcast

Cathi Bond and Nora Young talked about planning your show. It was extremely interactive, to the point where the 2 ladies were just moderating our discussion. They gave us an article and asked us to plan the episode. Then there was an open discussion.

Points of note from this session:

  • Dave (I'll get his podcast in a minute) said that you should make your episodes interesting. People can use google to find information, so if you're just using your podcast to regurgitate what's already out there, you're missing the point. Soapbox, provide an opinion, be controversial, be interesting.

  • Craig of Tangents rebutted by saying that there's a fine line between soapboxing and providing entertainment.

  • Hugh from Librivox said that because no one is looking over your shoulder, there's no hard-pressed rules. Just do it well and make each episode good.

  • I said that listeners are sophisticated enough to know the difference between the stoginess of mainstream media and the freedom that podcasting gives individuals to voice their opinion.

Bottom line - Podcasting is our speaker's corner.

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