Friday, June 09, 2006

Private label podcasting a bad idea

Someone out there (I won't name who) is going to be selling memberships to people to gain access to private label podcasting content.

What does this mean? As a member, if you have a podcast and you run out of content, you'll have access to 4 pre-recorded weekly episode each month. You will be able to wrap your brand around this content by mixing in your identity. You even get the transcripts so if you want to use your own voice to record the content, you'll have that option as well.

It's a bad idea. And I emailed the link to a few podcasting experts and all agreed that private label podcasting takes away from the reason that podcasting is so great in the first place - originality.

One of the podcasting experts I contacted had an interesting quote that sums it up. She said:

"Podcasts are supposed to be a reflection of the podcaster's
personality and passions, not regurgitation of canned content."

BTW, check out Jon Watson's post on this topic on his blog.

What are your thoughts about private label podcasting?

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