Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last Minute Training is podcasting

I'm happy to announce that I was instrumental in the birth of yet another podcast. The company is Last Minute Training and they offer the Greater Toronto Area's premier training suppliers with an opportunity to sell their excess participant capacity on a last minute, discount basis to our members.

Last Minute Training is still building its inventory of training products and wants to use a more innovative approach of getting the word out about its new business.

The president, Louis Trahan, was open to using a podcast and blog as an inexpensive way to build awareness of his brand, but had spent a few frustrating weeks trying to put a strategy together.

I was introduced to him through a colleague of mine and since he picks up things quickly, he was able to put his podcasting strategy together based on my quick tutorial. I'm happy to say that it took only a few days and he finally launched his first podcast yesterday.

Here's what Louis had to say:

"Leesa, thanks so much for your help! One meeting with you and I was farther ahead than I was after 2 months of researching. I am happy to say that less than two weeks after our meeting I have launched my first podcast and it's getting great reviews! I look forward to working more with you in the future."

They had a professional voice-over artist at Audio'connell record a snappy intro, then read an article that provides tips to employers. The podcast is no longer than 5-minutes and provides a call to action at the end.

I'll report on the results of this approach in about 3-months. I'm not sure how this will be received by listeners as I've always pushed an interview format with podcasting, however, I'm anxious to see how this will all play out for Last Minute Training.

Way to go, Louis. And if you have listened to the Last Minute Training podcast, do provide your comments below.


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