Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Buying an information product on podcasting?

I was so inspired by Jon Watson's post on snake oil podcasting products that I wrote an article on the 3 things you can use to judge a podcasting expert by before buying their product or service.

Here's one that really stands out:

"Double check that the podcasting "expert" even has a podcast. A lot of people say they can teach you how to podcast, but don’t even have a podcast of their own. How can you learn the ropes if that person hasn’t done it themselves? A rule of thumb is to see if they’ve produced at least 15 episodes of their own podcast or someone else’s. If they have, then you can heed their advice since that person has probably been through a lot of equipment - and experiences - to advise you on the best course of action."

This one bugs me the most. Companies and so-called-podcasting-experts saying they can help create podcasting solutions for their clients, but when you search for their podcast, it can't be found. Why? Because they haven't created one of their own.

It's like a blogging expert who doesn't have a blog. A webmaster who doesn't have a website. A search engine expert who doesn't have anything listed in a search engine on the first 3-pages. An expert teaching how to self-publish a book, but hasn't self-published his own masterpiece. A childless woman giving mothers tips on how to raise their child.

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