Friday, May 19, 2006

The Business Podcasting Bible is looking for case studies

Paul Colligan is co-authoring a book called The Business Podcasting Bible. The book will be filled with case studies of average people who are making money from their podcasts.

I provided my own experience. And I'm happy to announce that Paul will be including it in his upcoming book. Yippee! You can read my case study here.

Now, if you're podcasting and you've seen some interesting results in your business as a result of your podcast, Paul wants to hear from you. Read the details here. If you're included, you get to use the swanky button you see at the beginning of this post, so read the guidelines, then contact Paul.

And if you want to replicate my Cubicle Divas results in your own business, join me on Tuesday May 23rd @ 2pm ET as Terri Levine interviews me about how podcasting can help service professionals attract new clients. Register here.

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