Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Apple Camp for kids

A colleague of mine who works at an Apple retail outlet (can I hear discount for Leesa on a Apple MacBook) sent through an email about camps that Apple puts on for the kids.

His email said:

"It's an awesome cool way to expose kids to some fun thing you can do with a computer. They will learn about making movies, podcasts, websites, and music. Campers will receive a CD/DVD with their podcast, movie, website or music project burned on it. All campers will also receive a t-shirt, patch, field journal, field guide, bumper sticker, name tag, and a certificate of achievement (yeaaaa I love certificates and T-Shirts)."

And here's a more corporate description from Apple:
"Apple Camp, available at all Apple Store locations, provides an opportunity for kids and families to participate in fun and engaging activities. Each Camp Workshop consists of two and a half hours of hands-on learning, doing cool stuff on Macs. Campers complete their own project that they will take home on CD or DVD.

All four Camp Workshops to choose from are recommended for kids ages 8 to 12. Select from Podcast Workshop, iWeb Workshop, Music Workshop and Movie Workshop. You may sign up for up to two Camp Workshops."

If you want to send your little bundle of joy (or your huge blob of misery) to a really cool camp this summer, click here for more info.

Oh, Apple, how I love thee.

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