Friday, June 02, 2006

Episode 001 - Steve Pratt, CBC Radio 3, Part 1

I'm finally launching my Podonomics podcast which will explore Canadian corporate podcasting strategies. Since CBC Radio 3 is celebrating its one year anniversary this month, it's only fitting that I interview Steve Pratt, Director of CBC Radio 3.

I've divided Steve's interview into 2 parts and this week, he talks to me about CBC Radio 3's strategy in becoming one of the most successful Canadian podcasts ever.

Episode Outline
00:00 What is CBC Radio 3
04:30 How to sell podcasting
05:30 Repurposing existing content doesn't work for CBC Radio 3
06:45 Growing an audience that prompted 2-million downloads
09:00 How to measure podcasting results
10:45 Artist case study - The Department
13:15 Why you need to rely on many promotional angles

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