Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nielsen's take on podcasting rubs people the wrong way

Think my take on the Nielsen numbers was harsh? Take a look at a few other perspectives.

Jon Watson over at BizPodcasting says that the Nielsen report wrongly compares bloggers to podcasters. As he puts it:

"That's like comparing newspaper readers to karoake singers. No correlation between the two."

Robert Scoble, VP of Media Development at, says that the Nielsen numbers blows when it comes to podcasting. He says:
"And podcasting doesn’t need the false hype. We need real numbers, real research, with organizations we, and advertisers, can believe. This doesn’t help us out AT ALL."

Neville Hobson also had the same question in his post. More specifically:
"Um, podcast listeners on a par with blog writers? And online daters? What a strange comparison. Am I missing something here? I’d love to know what their survey methodology was."

Read the Neilsen report. What are your thoughts?

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