Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tod Maffin - Why Podcasting Is So Important

Tod Maffin gave an impromptu presentation on why podcasting is so important. He used a variety of clips from various podcasts to drive his points home.

In particular, Tod said:

  • Use music to separate the different scenes in your podcast.

  • If you think you have a lousy voice for podcasting, get over it because someone has a worst voice than yours.

  • All podcasters are making public radio. The only difference between podcasters and public broadcasters is that the latter has a transmitter.

  • Music to a story is like sauce to chicken. It always tastes better with it on.

  • Carry your portable recording device all the time. Your greatest podcast will happen when you leave your recording device home. So don't miss out on a great story. Tod played a clip from a journalist who had his recording device on him. On September 11th when the towers fell, the journalist didn't record the towers falling. Instead, he interviewed a man who was hitting golf balls. When the journalist asked the man why he continued to golf while the sirens blared and the towers fell, the man replied that there wasn't anything he could do. Tod highlighted that this journalist got an awesome story because he had his portable recording device on him.

  • Tod also stressed that he's just a nerd who started to do it first, but we should all take the credit for being the first podcasters in Canada.

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