Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Canadian Podcasting Survey, lessons learned

I posted my lesson learned to a listserv, but wanted to post them here as well. As the feedback comes in regarding the Canadian Podcasting Survey, I see some larger issues emerging.


  1. Collaborations are awesome if those involved compliment each other. Sequentia is an expert in communications, my company is an expert in podcasting. We complimented each other's expertise which made working on this survey that much easier.

  2. Word-of-mouth through social media works. We got just under 1000 respondents and we only paid $50 for 1 ad. Anyone want to calculate the ROI here? Word-of-mouth helped us get a good sample size and it's helping us disseminate the results. Even Robert Scoble commented on how powerful word-of-mouth is in the online world.

  3. Focus on a niche issue if you run a survey. We focused on a niche technology (podcasting) and a niche country (Canada). While we may alienate those not interested in Canadian issues or podcasting, we'd like to be seen as an authority in the Canadian podcasting space.
There may be other lessons learned, but these are my top 3.


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