Monday, July 31, 2006

Day 31 - How to Produce a Better Podcast

If Darren Rowse had told me that doing a 31-days series would be one of the most exhausting blog activities that I would do, I would've told him, "Yeah, right."

I don't know how he survived doing his, but I found that by day 25, I was totally beat. Lesson learned? I should've picked the shortest month and just double check it wasn't leap year.

No matter, the 31 Days to Producing a Better Podcast is complete and the entire calendar of topics are below for your perusal.

A big thank you goes out to all the bloggers and podcasters who pointed me to some really great resources. Remember, if you have any to add, just leave them in the comments area.

Day 01Start Podcasting
Day 02Size of Podcasting Listening Audience
Day 03Podcast Interviewing Tips
Day 04Planning Your Podcast
Day 05Getting the Podcasting Equipment
Day 06Recording Your Podcast
Day 07Editing & Mixing Your Podcast
Day 08Podcast Production Tips
Day 09Finding Podsafe Music
Day 10Hiring Voice Talent for Your Podcast
Day 11Growing Your Podcast Audience
Day 12Publishing Your Podcast
Day 13Ways to Avoid Podfading
Day 14Transcribing Your Podcast
Day 15Optimizing Your Podcast
Day 16Monetizing Your Podcast
Day 17Measuring Your Podcast
Day 18Marketing Your Podcast
Day 19Corporate Podcasting Case Studies
Day 20Podcasting Legal Issues
Day 21Small Business Podcasting Case Studies
Day 22Podcast Advertising
Day 23Podcasting Products, the Good
Day 24Podcasting Products, the Bad
Day 25 – Podcasting Experts & Consultants
Day 26 – Podcasts About Podcasting
Day 27 – Educational Podcasting Case Studies
Day 28Non-Profit Podcasting Case Studies
Day 29Podcast Mistakes to Avoid
Day 30General Podcasting Information
Day 31Summary of Producing Better Podcast Series

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