Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 14 - Transcribing Your Podcast

Hearing your podcast is great, but reading it is just as good. By transcribing your podcast, you offer an additional way for people to consume your content. Better yet, you can develop an additional income as you can offer the transcripts of your podcast for sale (many talk shows on TV use this approach).

There are a ton of companies that offer podcast transcription services. The ones below are just a sample.

Casting Words Transcription Service - 42-cents per minute of audio

PodTranscript - $10 for 30-minutes of audio

PodcastScribe - $3.50 per minute of audio

Production Transcripts - $50 for 30-minutes of audio

Transcribr - $1 per minute of audio

NotePods – 50-cents per minute of audio

Podcasts Transcribed - Contatct them for a quote

Jon Watson reviews PodZinger, a service that transcribes your show for free so that the contents are searchable in a search engine

Mark Blevis reviews PodScope & PodZinger and gets marginal results

Homework: Use one of the services above to transcribe an episode of your podcast.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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