Thursday, July 13, 2006

My podcasting thoughts in German

Ever since I launched the 31 Days to Producing a Better Podcast, I've noticed quite a number of trackbacks and tags from those who blog in German.

As I peruse Technorati to check on who's pointing back to my blog, I'm amazed at the number of blogsites in German that reference mine.

My mother tongue is English and I attempt to speak a few paultry syllables in French. However, I am all linguistical thumbs when it comes to German.

So, Christoph Hörl says:

"Leesa Barnes hat am 1. Juli in ihrem Weblog "Podonomics" eine Artikelserie zum Thema Podcasting begonnen. In diesem Monat will sie 31 Beiträge in ihrem Weblog veröffentlichen, die beim Aufbau und bei der Verbesserung von Podcasts helfen. Bisher sind 11 Tage vergangen und es waren fast jeden Tag nützliche Sachen dabei."

But it appears that Manuela Hoffmann started it all as the blog I mentioned above links back to hers. Her blog says:
"Leesa Barnes wird am 1. Juli 2006 die Serie 31 Days to Producing a Better Podcast beginnen, die sich über den gesamten Monat ziehen wird. Täglich wird es einen Tipp zum Thema Podcasting geben."

I love languages and I can pick up some words based on linguistical patterns from other languages. For example, I can tell that "hat am" translates into "is at." "Und" seems to be "and." But overall, I don't know if these Germans bloggers are signing my praises or telling me to go do something better with my time.

One thing I do know - when I develop my multi-layered, multi-platform, open-sourced podcasting gizmo, I'm going to launch it in 2 languages - English & German.

Have any of you been blogged about in a different language?

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