Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MarketingSherpa's Practical Podcasting Guide for Marketers

Excellent report written by an excellent organization. Marketing Sherpa released a special report called MarketingSherpa's Practical Podcasting Guide for Marketers. The special report looks at whether or not companies should consider podcasting in their communications mix.

Of particular note is how easily the article counters the various stereotypes people have towards podcasting, namely:

  1. That the listening audience is broad.
  2. That you don't need an iPod to listen to a podcast.
  3. That it's not a sales pitch.
  4. That you can't just publish one episode "to test the market."
  5. That you can't just release your podcast and expect a slew of listeners.

While Paul says there's nothing too exciting with this report, it's nice to see Marketing Sherpa take a lead in educating marketers about podcasting.

Read it before September 1st. After that, you pay to access it.

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