Friday, August 18, 2006

Results from Do Your Podcast Now Day

Curious to know what happened (or what you missed)?

Because of the Do Your Podcast Now day, I finished a product called Plan A Killer Podcast. It's a downloadable workbook and audio series to help you, well....plan your podcast.

Still needs some tweaks and got some great feedback from Bryan Person, one of the organizers of Podcamp and whom I spent 3-hours over instant messaging with today, so I'll post the URL next week after I get some others to give my sales page a once over.

Linda Dessau, one of the callers who took part in this day, also accomplished something. Here's what she had to say:

"Thanks, Leesa, for the boost to work on my podcast today. I'm recording some episodes next week and I was able to finish writing my interview questions, send them to my guests, as well as get a head start on my Episode Guides which I published as 'draft' posts in my Typepad account. I feel so much more prepared (and psyched!) for the calls next week. Leesa, you truly are the Queen of Podcasting!"
Mosy on over to Linda's blog to check out her podcast.

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