Sunday, August 20, 2006

Leesa's Podcasting World

Here's some updates on some of the things I've blogged about (or haven't):

  • My Plantronics headset isn't out of commission. There's a mute button on the headset and it was turned on when I tried to record earlier in the week (d'oh!). Thankfully, the only reason I didn't go out and get a new one is because I couldn't find my receipt that included the extended warranty. So off I go to record more podcasts.

  • I did hear from Craig Davidson, author of the forthcoming book called The Fighter. He put me in touch with his publicist and I'm just waiting for Stephen to reply. Blogs do work, let me tell ya.

  • I've got a very busy September ahead of me. You can check out my calendar here. I really like Alex's, so I'm going to do an upgrade as soon as I move to Wordpress.

  • I'm experimenting with a few recording options. I downloaded Adobe Audition and I'm using their 30-day trial version. All I have to say is, "Wow!" Very steep learning curve, but it offers way better editing tools than Audacity. Thanks Kelly for the suggestion.

  • I added a few more people to my blogs/podcasts to the side menu. See if I added yours.

  • I'm really looking forward to PodCamp in Boston. I've chatted with Bryan Person and Chris Brogan (a fellow Battlestar Galactica fan), so this is going to be a hoot. I may be travelling down with Jay Moonah and anyone who knows him knows he loves to chat, so it'll make for an interesting trip.

  • I may be planning an event here in Toronto related to Web 2.0. It'll be different from Mesh, CaseCamp and DemoCamp, I promise. I'll tell you what it is as soon as I get the thumbs up from a resource. Stay tuned.

  • Jon Watson is back and he's posted some really interesting stuff on his blog. While I enjoyed taking over the reigns over at BizPodcasting while he was away on his honeymoon, I'm glad to see that he's back, putting the P-O (peeved off) back into podcasting (not really sure what that means).
And those are the interesting things that have been going on in my little podcasting world. What's up in yours?


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