Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Podcaster Space, join now

My esteemed colleague and podcasting guru, Paul Colligan, has launched a new social networking site for podcasters and podcasting enthusiast. It's called PodcasterSpace and you can join for free.

I checked it out and although I had to get Paul to tell me where to sign up ("Top right corner, Leesa," I could hear Paul saying in his email while rolling his eyes) and had to get pointers on how to upload my photo, it's a pretty swanky tool.

What do I like about PodcasterSpace?

  • You can start and join discussions.

  • You can create your own community within this community.

  • You can share and tag photos.

  • And, you can network with me (isn't that just the icing on the cake?).

Sign up now and join the discussion. There's just me and Paul right now and although I think he's a cool dude, we can easily share ideas over email. So, please join us if you're a podcaster or podcasting enthusiast and let's grow this community.

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