Monday, June 26, 2006

Want podcasting fame? Podniche!

At the Podcasters Across Borders conference over the weekend, I encouraged people to focus on a niche. While podcasts such as Two Boobs & A Baby, Keith & The Girl, Soccer Girl Incorporated and The American Family all enjoy a slew of podcast subscribers, not all podcasters will be able to gain thousands upon thousands of subscribers.

Why? Because at last count, there are now 50,000 podcasts out there. The podcasting space is beginning to get cluttered. Because of this, if you have a podcast (or are thinking about producing one), it's important that you focus on a target market and provide topics of interest to them. In other words:

Podniche (n) = 1: A podcast specially suited to a very specific market; 2: A special area of demand for a podcast
Take the example of Lynne Gryphon, a 33-year-old mother-of-two leading a quiet life with her husband in Australia. She produces a video podcast called Lynne's Sci Fi News. Because she podniched, she has become a darling in the sci fi world where 4000 subscribers eagerly wait for her podcast each week.

Are you looking at becoming the darling in someone's eyes? Or at least a few hundred eyes? Podniche.

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