Friday, August 25, 2006

Seven of the Hottest Women in Podcasting

It was bound to happen. Podshow gleefully announced that seven of the hottest women in podcasting are on their portal. Canada's very own Podchick made the list.

Adam Curry says:

"These ladies have great talent, and all they've needed was the proper promotion and distribution. [T]hey are inventing new formats for interacting directly with their audiences, and I expect them to take their amazing skills to the next level."

To which I reply:
"I didn't make the list? Quelle horreur!

Then I remind myself that I'm not even listed in Podshow, so I can forgive the oversight.

In any case, Adam is a master at creating buzz and the creation of this hottest female podcasters list is no exception. One could argue that Adam is good for podcasting. Anytime there's lull in the podcasting space, count on Adam to splash podcasting back into the limelight.

In response, I have come up with my own hottest lists. Here are a few suggestions:

Hottest RSS Feeds in a Podcast
Hottest Male Video Podcasters
Hottest Male Voice in a Podcast
Hottest Interviewing Style
Hottest Editing & Mixing Technique
Hottest Podcasts in iTunes
Hottest Podcast Cover
Hottest Corporate Podcast

Can't think of anymore. Any ideas?

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