Monday, August 28, 2006

The Tragic World of Web 2.0

Here's just a small list of the weirdest things I heard over the past few days.

  • A man accidentally dropped his iPod in the toilet on an airplane. Due to his accident, the pilot announces an emergency, lands the plane, and both the canine unit and the bomb squad were called out. He's then carted off by Customs, grilled at length about his ties to any worldwide terrorist group, then was let go. He tells his story here. Guess he dropped a pod-load?

  • I was at a BBQ on Sunday and I bumped into an old friend who was wearing a tensor band around her hand. When I asked what happened, she said she wasn't sure, but it probably had to do with the excessive amount of instant messaging she did the previous week. She had just moved back into her parents home and was so excited about using a computer again that she strained a tendon in her hand while text messaging her friends.

    I dropped to my knees and howled in laughter while she stood and looked at me in shock. "What's so funny?" she asked me, wondering why I found her injury so jovial.

    "Extreme texting!" I cried out while in tears. "You sprained your hand due to extreme texting." I had to get this lady to hold me up with her good arm while I collapsed in hysterics under the weight of this tragic (yet absolutely hilarious) tale.

  • (I can't possibly make this one up) I was in a sales meeting telling the small team of marketing folks how blogging and podcasting can help them build loyalty with their customers. The head cheese, the VP of Marketing, said that she's not interested in blogging because it was launched 12-months ago and only young kids are interested in it.

    I almost choked on the coffee I was sipping on. Then, I sniffed it to double-check that no one spiked it. "Blogging?" I questioned. "Yes," said the head cheese, "Blogging is too new for us to explore. None of the executives we're targetting are even reading those things. Let's focus on podcasting instead."

    I stood there for a second wondering if I had time warped back about 5-years, then noticed that it couldn't be true because I saw the word podcasting on one of my slides. Plus, one of the guys on her team had this evil smirk on his face which told me that he thought his boss was an idiot. Instead of correcting her in the meeting, I sent her an email with some blogging stats (by way of my pal Andy Wibbels). Have mercy.
That's it for now. I should write a book. Web 2.0 As Told By Dummies.

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