Thursday, August 31, 2006

Podcamp and Why Driving With Jay Moonah is Safer Than Flying

I'm heading down to Podcamp next weekend with the ever so popular Jay Moonah and his band, Uncle Seth. One day, I'll be able to say, "I shared a 10-hr car ride with that band."

We won't be the only Canadians down there as I found out by way of Mark Blevis' blog that he's heading down with Bob and Julien.

Podcamp is taking place in Boston the weekend of September 9th & 10th and I just can't wait to see the city. I've heard so much about it and I'm going to take the opportunity to do some sightseeing while I'm there.

Chris and Bryan, just 2 of the many who have organized Podcamp, have been so gracious with their time, helping me to prepare my presentations and just generally being so nice. It's no wonder they say that Bostonians are so much like Canadians because their geniality is quite similiar to our own. I'm looking forward to chatting about Battlestar Galactica with Chris and finally speaking in person with Bryan.

Now, why is Podcamp important? I explain it on Bryan's podcast, but just to sum up, you get the practical advice, tips from the trenches instead of a pie-in-the-sky theory. If you want to podcast, Podcamp will give you a Google-like view of how to get started, how to plan, how to publish and how to promote in just 2-days.

Plus, you'll get to talk to the very people who are doing podcasting themselves. You'll not only learn the how, but you'll also learn what to avoid. Oh yeah and admission is free. You just pay to get there, to stay there and drinks later on.

I'll be presenting on 2 topics - Limited Edition Podcasts & Planning a Killer Podcast. Actually, they'll be more like conversations as I enjoy interactivity rather than me droning on and on for 30-minutes.

I may will do a 5-minute lightning talk on why you can't use podPress with Wordpress if you're using multiple feeds. I know I'll be in a mood to geek-out.

At first, I was going to fly down to Boston. May actually work out to be cheaper than spending the money on gas. But then my sister reminded me that September 11th - the day I return - is the 5-year anniversary of that tragic day when so many lost their lives.

My sister reminded me that all 4 planes left Boston that fateful morning and it'd be just my luck that some wacko may choose the very plane that I'm on to pay homage to the 19 hijackers. She went on to chastise me for wanting to put her though such grief when everything in her life is going so well.

(**sigh**) Siblings... Can I send them back? Yes, both of them?

At the end of the day, my sister's emotional state won out. And because I'm having way too much fun with podcasting, I shall drive down to Boston instead and listen to Jay sing and talk the whole way.

I'll update the blog with pictures, tales and stories from Podcamp. If you can make it down, please do so as I'd love to meet you and share ideas on podcasting.

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