Monday, July 31, 2006

Sorry, but TWIT isn't Canadian

(**sigh**) I found out by way of these comments posted by Brian of commandN that Canada's favourite podcast isn't Canadian afterall.

Although This Week In Tech (TWIT) has some connection to Canada, it's fully produced on American soil. By way of my colleague Dave, Amber (who hosts a podcast in the TWIT family called Inside the Net) confirmed that it is indeed American.

Woe is me, I made a mistake. I mean, something so well produced has to be Canadian, right?

Not in this case.

So, as quickly as you could say Web 2.0, the PDF was updated and a note was added to the download site explaining the change.

Slap me on the wrist. Roast me over coals. To all my fellow Canucks, TWIT is indeed American.

Lesson learned?

  1. Just because it projects like a Canuck, sounds like a Canuck and smells like a Canuck, it ain't necessarily one.
Note to self - Don't write and watch the dishy Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean at the same time. There's way too much distraction.

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Podcasting Taking a Hold in Canada

A couple of months ago, I asked for your participation in a survey I was conducting with another company looking at the state of podcasting in Canada. Well, here's the press release announcing the results.

The press release will tell you how to download your copy of the report. If after reviewing it, you'd like to blog or podcast about the report, do tag it as canadian podcasting.

Podcasting Taking a Hold in Canada
First Comprehensive National Survey Shows Traction of New Media

Toronto, Ontario (July 31, 2006) – With the objective of understanding podcast growth and technology adoption in Canada, the first comprehensive podcasting survey has wrapped up and results are currently available at

Of particular note, survey findings indicate podcast listeners in Canada are almost evenly split between men and women, 59% of podcast listeners are between 25-44 years old, and the baby boomer generation is embracing podcasting at almost double the rate than those under 24.

For 77% of those surveyed, podcast is a familiar word - a compound word that combines: ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasting,’ and according to Webster’s dictionary, is defined as “an audio file published on the Internet with an RSS feed, allowing users to subscribe to automatic downloads of a series of programs.” Moreover, of those who don’t currently listen to podcasts, 67 per cent said they would be interested in downloading one.

“Podcasting is moving away from early adopters and into the mainstream, and is no longer synonymous with young, tech-savvy men. The survey proves that podcasting appeals to the nation, whether they be young, professional or retired. Moreover, the podcasts users are downloading are just as numerous and diverse as are the podcasters themselves.” says Jen Evans, President of Sequentia Communications and co-creator of the podcasting survey.

While American podcasting research is readily available, especially as Forrester Research Inc. predicts 50,000 podcasters are expected by the year 2010, Canadian research lacks a comprehensive understanding of who, what, when, where, and why Canadians are podcasting. Consequently, Sequentia Communications and Caprica Interactive Marketing joined forces to delve into the state of podcasting from a truly Canadian perspective.

Additional analysis finds that Canadians prefer original, fresh, weekly, and entertaining content that can’t be found anywhere else. The top 5 podcasts of those surveyed include:

  1. TWIT/This Week in Technology (USA)
  2. Ricky Gervais Show (UK)
  3. Quirks and Quarks (CANADA)
  4. LOST (USA)
  5. CommandN (CANADA)
However, poor audio quality, boring hosts, excess advertising, and episodes longer than 6-10 minutes may push Canadians to seek podcasts or alternative sources of information and entertainment, elsewhere.

"Although Canadians rely on other sources of information, Podcasts are quickly becoming integrated into their daily consumption of news and entertainment," says Leesa Barnes, President of Caprica Interactive Marketing and co-creator of the survey. "This survey also shows that Canadians will become impatient with podcasts that fall below their standards. Content is indeed king and this old adage holds true to podcasts as well."

For more information, please contact:
Nicole Meitsch
Sequentia Communications
416-203-3656 x229
nicole [at] sequentia [dot] net

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Day 31 - How to Produce a Better Podcast

If Darren Rowse had told me that doing a 31-days series would be one of the most exhausting blog activities that I would do, I would've told him, "Yeah, right."

I don't know how he survived doing his, but I found that by day 25, I was totally beat. Lesson learned? I should've picked the shortest month and just double check it wasn't leap year.

No matter, the 31 Days to Producing a Better Podcast is complete and the entire calendar of topics are below for your perusal.

A big thank you goes out to all the bloggers and podcasters who pointed me to some really great resources. Remember, if you have any to add, just leave them in the comments area.

Day 01Start Podcasting
Day 02Size of Podcasting Listening Audience
Day 03Podcast Interviewing Tips
Day 04Planning Your Podcast
Day 05Getting the Podcasting Equipment
Day 06Recording Your Podcast
Day 07Editing & Mixing Your Podcast
Day 08Podcast Production Tips
Day 09Finding Podsafe Music
Day 10Hiring Voice Talent for Your Podcast
Day 11Growing Your Podcast Audience
Day 12Publishing Your Podcast
Day 13Ways to Avoid Podfading
Day 14Transcribing Your Podcast
Day 15Optimizing Your Podcast
Day 16Monetizing Your Podcast
Day 17Measuring Your Podcast
Day 18Marketing Your Podcast
Day 19Corporate Podcasting Case Studies
Day 20Podcasting Legal Issues
Day 21Small Business Podcasting Case Studies
Day 22Podcast Advertising
Day 23Podcasting Products, the Good
Day 24Podcasting Products, the Bad
Day 25 – Podcasting Experts & Consultants
Day 26 – Podcasts About Podcasting
Day 27 – Educational Podcasting Case Studies
Day 28Non-Profit Podcasting Case Studies
Day 29Podcast Mistakes to Avoid
Day 30General Podcasting Information
Day 31Summary of Producing Better Podcast Series

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm taking over Jon Watson's BizPodcasting blog

Not only will I be posting to my blog, but I'm also going to be posting to Jon Watson's BizPodcasting blog until he returns from his wedding/honeymoon on August 10th.

He and I tend to have similar viewpoints on many items, so you won't really notice a difference. One thing I will do is fill his Snake Oil category with a few more products. I'll enjoy that.

So, just look at it as more of me to love. Or hate. Or neither.

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How many podcasting hours are you clocking in?

I use iTunes to listen to my podcasts. I just double-click the icon on my desktop and that little baby opens up showing all the podcasts I'm subscribed to.

At last count, there's about 27 podcasts on my list. I subscribed to some for research purposes and found them good enough to keep on my list. Others are there because I met the host in person and liked their attitude so much, I subscribed to their podcast. Still others are on my list because I just find the content engaging.

Until I looked at the number of listening hours that showed up at the bottom of my iTunes screen.

"47 items, 19.4 hours, 917.8 MB"
My goodness, where am I going to fit in 19.4 hours of listening time?

Update: I just unsubscribed from a whole slew of podcasts and have narrowed down my listening hours to 6.9 hours for 15 podcasts.

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Day 30 - General Podcasting Information

Here are some great podcasting resources that didn't fit into any of the other categories, but were so good I couldn't NOT mention them.

Donna Popacosta on Everything I Knew About Podcasting I Learned in Kindergarten

Paul Colligan on 7 Reasons Businesses Must Embrace Podcasting

Kay Stoner on The Business Case for Podcasting

Kelly McCausey on The Burning Fear of New Show Hosts

John Havens on Are People Tuning Into Podcasts?

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day 29 - Podcast Mistakes to Avoid

Even though podcasts are still a fairly new medium, there are some guidelines that every podcast producer can follow to ensure success. Just in case, here are a few resources that point out things you're probably doing in your podcast that are totally wrong.

Leesa Barnes on How to Explain What Podcasting Is Without Using iPod or Broadcasting & 2 Ingredients Your Podcast Is Missing and Why Using Them Will Increase Subscribers

Marco on How to Make a Podcast that Doesn’t Suck

Jen Kothe on Avoiding the Pitfalls - Common Podcasting Mistakes

Homework: Double check that you're not making these errors in your podcast.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Day 28 - Non Profit Podcasting Case Studies

Want to understand how to use a podcast for a non-profit organization? Check out the resources below for ideas.

Donna Popacosta on Non-Profit Podcasting

Podcasting News on Non-Profit Podcast Directory

Homework: Write down ideas for your own podcasting strategy from these examples.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Business Blog Angel is podcasting

(**sniff**) Nothing is more rewarding than being influential in someone else's creation (yes, quote me).

The Business Blog Angel, Claire Raikes, is a participant in my 90 Day Podcast course. We've just finished week 8 of the 12-week course and Claire has just produced her first episode.

The name of her podcast is Blogging for Business and she provides tips to businesses and entrepreneurs on how to make the most out of their blogging strategy.

Do gander over to her blogsite to listen in. She's just entering the details of her podcast into various podcatchers and we still have to cover a few more points in the next 3-weeks, so just show her some love and give her a pat on the back. If you have iTunes, you can subscribe to her feed.

And if you're a sucker for English accents, you'll just enjoy listening to Claire's business blogging advice week after week.

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Where's days 25-27 for the better podcast series?

It's coming.

Why the Raptors are a great podcasting example

I love basketball, I played the game competitively right up until my 2nd year in university and if you've been to any of my speeches, I use my basketball as part of presentation.

So, when Toronto was awarded an National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise back in the mid-1990s, I was estactic.

Because the Toronto Raptors is in a Canadian city, they've had problems getting the best players to cross the border. Some think that we have 12-months of cold and refuse to come (like Steve Francis). Others say they want to win a championship and immediately want to be traded (like Alonzo Mourning). Others think they'll be payed in Canadian dollars and cite taxes as their main concern. And on and on it goes.

However, the new general manager, Bryan Colangelo, is doing something I think is very smart. Instead of chasing American-born players, he's going after International players. In the world of branding, he "gets it."

Colangelo recently drafted Andrea Bargnani from Italy as his #1 pick in the NBA Draft earlier this spring. Along with 2 players from Spain and 1 from Slovenia, the Raptors are beginning to look a bit like the United Nations.

In turn, having these International players on the roster means that more Canadians who identify themselves as decendents from these countries will start to fill the seats. Which means a packed stadium. Which means more revenue. Which means Colangelo is just so damn smart.

Toronto is a multicultural city. While we say we're Canadian, many will claim another country as their roots. Even those who were born in Canada will claim their parents or grandparents land as their source of pride. It's not to say that we don't love Canada. On the contrary, Canadians will fiercely defend their adoptive or native land. However, because many of us are influenced by the customs of other countries while being raised, it's way more fun to have both feet firmly planted in 2 countries.

When Yao Ming was drafted by the Houston Rockets, people were shocked. Why bring in a Chinese player who can't even speak English, some said. However, when the Houston Rockets made their way to Toronto for a game, the Air Canada Centre (ACC) where the Raptors play their home games was packed with Chinese Canadians.

Colangelo is on to something. By bringing in International players, he's building a team that directly reflects the very city the Raptors play in.

Just brilliant.

Now, what does this have to do with podcasting? Well, you've got to know your brand before you can craft your podcasting strategy. But knowing your brand is the first step. You also need to provide information in your podcast that directly influences a particular niche. That way, you will gain new subscribers who will stay with you for the long haul.

Pull a Colangelo with your podcast.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh blogger, how I loathe thee

It took me two dozen hours yesterday morning to update my blog. Here's the message I got around 10:45am on Monday as I tried to publish a post:

"Error. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it."

It's time for me to move on, leave blogger behind and port my thought-provoking posts to another blog tool.

I've used blogger since 1999. I continue to use it today because I love that it shows I've been a member since 2000. It's like a badge of honour for me to say that I've been blogging for 6-years (should be 7).

Blogger was the first on the market and I enjoyed the freedom of posting my thoughts whenever I felt like it. I went through the growing pains with Evhead who had to ask us for donations to buy more servers to keep up with the growth. It was a labour of love for Pyra Labs and I laboured with them.

Then, they were acquired by Google in (I believe) 2003. I shouted for joy thinking that with the big name would bring much powerful servers and more resources.

Instead, it's brought nothing but headaches. There are constant outages, lost posts, server disconnections, on and on it goes.

I now grow tired of blogger. It's the one resource that Google totally sucks at. So, I'm now on a quest to port my blog to another service.

I need your help. Should I go with Typepad, Wordpress or Movable Type (is this one still around)? What are the benefits of each? Which one do you like and why? How can I port all my posts and comments to the new service without losing anything? Post your comments below.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 24 - Podcasting Products, The Bad

No one has done a better job of "calling out" snaky podcasting products than Jon Watson over at Biz Podcasting.

Below, I provide just a small sample of "snake oil" podcasting products that have fortunately made Jon's list.

Jon's review of Kent Sayre's ebook on podcasting & Victor Pryles' The Wonderful World of Podcasting

Homework: Add your snake oil podcasting product to this list in the comments section.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 23 - Podcasting Products, The Good

Curious to know which podcasting products to buy so you can learn more about how to podcast? Here are a few products you'll enjoy.

Disclaimer - I personally reviewed each resource below, either by purchasing it or getting an advance copy.

Jeff Mills' Podcast Secrets Revealed

Tim Gordon's Profitable Podcasting Case Studies & Podcasting Adventures Online

Scott Patton's Podcasting Unleashed

Stephanie Ciccarelli' The Podcasting Ebook

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 22 - Podcast Advertising

There are mixed feelings about including advertising in podcasts. Otherwise known as podvertising, some want 'em in their podcasts, others don't. Take a look at the resources below and make up your own mind.


Steve Rubel on Pondering Podvertising Possibilities
Jay Fienberg on Why PodVertising Doesn't Work
MarketingLoop on National Public Radio's Podvertising Success

Podvertising Services

Cheeze -
Podtrac -
Podshow -
FourSevens -

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Day 21 - Small Business Podcasting Case Studies

We looked at corporate podcasting case studies. Now, we turn our attention to small businesses who are using podcasting to increase sales and find new clients. Take a look at the following resources that focus on small business podcasting case studies.

Paul Colligan's The Business Podcasting Bible

Tim Gordon's Profitable Podcasting Case Studies

Homework: Review these resources so you can understand the different ways to use a podcast in your communications plan.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 20 - Podcasting Legal Issues

Just because you're podcasting doesn't mean you're above the law. Check out the following resources so you're aware of the legal issues surrounding podcasting.

Philip Nicosia on Podcast Safe Music

Creative Commons on Podcasting Legal Guide

Jon Watson's Archives on Podcasting Legal Issues

Homework: Review any questions you have about how to use content in your podcast using the resources above.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 19 - Corporate Podcasting Case Studies

Want to learn how corporations are using podcasting? Check out these corporate podcasting case studies for inspiration.

Leesa Barnes on Review of Connecting Point Podcast, Ontario Media Development Corporation Podcasts & Torys Video Podcasts

Homework: Determine how you can use some of these strategies in your own podcast.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 18 - Marketing Your Podcast

If you produce it, they won't listen unless you tell them to. Here are some strategies on how to market and promote your podcast so you can increase your subscribers and grow your podcast.

Paul Colligan on 7 Things Your Mom Never Told You About Promoting Your Podcast

Sharon Housley on Tips On Promoting Podcasts

Graeme Sprigge on Promoting Podcasts – 3 Basic Tips

Donna Popacosta on Podcast Power Promotes White Paper

Homework: Put a podcast marketing plan together that takes in the tips above.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Long tail effect and podcasting

I was reading the Toronto Star this morning. I'm not particular of The Star (my favourite is Globe & Mail), but I've been reading it this past week because I get a copy for free.

In the I.D. section, there was an interview with Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired and author of The Long Tail. If you don't know what The Long Tail theory is, read about it here.

This is reason why I believe that the number of podcast subscribers compared to podcasts will continue to be small, yet influential. If we apply The Long Tail effect to podcasting, podcast listeners will seek out podcasts that fulfill their particular tastes. While the average podcast may only have a few hundred subscribers, these subscribers will become so loyal that their economic impact can't be ignored.

Businesses that believe that you'll get millions and millions of listeners in a matter of days just because you produced a killer podcast is in for a huge surprise. This antiquated mode of thinking produces a The Short Tail effect - a huge spike in interest that only lasts for hours at worst, or days at the most or maybe a couple of years. Think Spice Girls.

It took Rocketboom close to 2-years to see downloads in the hundreds of thousands. Many user-generated audio and visual content sit around on YouTube, not because no one is interested, but because the buzz is slowly building as friends pass the URL on to another friend.

But businesses grow impatient with this. Many businesses don't want to sit around waiting years to see a return on their investment. Budgets are crafted, money is spent and at the end of the year, the books need to be balanced.

I appreciate that. Hence, I would advise businesses to employ both a Short Tail and Long Tail effect into their marketing mix. However, ensure that each campaign is unique. Don't use a 30-second ad that you air on Global and try to post it to YouTube. It won't fly simply because that's like church and state sleeping in the same bed.

Instead, run your 30-second ad, but produce something unique and clever online. In order for you to get millions of dollars in publicity on just $300 (thanks Michael Geist for such a wonderful title), you really need to niche your online audio and visual communications. Otherwise, it'll fail miserably.

My meanderings this morning.

Update: Another great article in the Star on The Long Tail. The title? Mass market economy to be a million niches. Love it.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Outstanding Women Speakers now podcasting

It's so wonderful to be a midwife as someone gives birth to a podcast. I'm proud to announce that Outstanding Women Speakers, a speaker's bureau representing some of the best female speakers around the globe, is now podcasting. I know that OWS is the first speaker's bureau in North America who's podcasting.

Of course, the best way to introduce a podcast is to talk about podcasting. Well the first episode features yours truly as I explain what podcasting is and how it can help your business. Look for future episodes on different management issues.

I do want to note that Outstanding Women Speakers represents me and my company is producing their podcast.

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Are we really still measuring things in hits?

I get so annoyed with this, yet somehow someone started this "hits" thing and it's stuck like a bad tan.

I was reading a fascinating article in The Toronto Star regarding an online video campaign that a few companies are clamouring to be a part of.

Well, the person who wrote the article, a lawyer by the name of Michael Geist, said this:

"Less than two months after it was first posted, the video has attracted millions of Internet hits and has become a commercial success story."
You're kidding me. "Internet hits" for a video? That's sooooooo circa 1999.

Do you know what hits are? According to Wikipedia, a hit is "a request for a file from the web server; available only in log analysis." But it's not just the webpage, but it's everything on it as well, such as images, the CSS file, any javascript and so on.

So, let's just say you go to one of my podcasts, When that page pops up, there will be my picture, some text, some links, the MP3 file, the cascading style sheet, the online player. Although you opened only 1 page, the number of hits counted will be 5 or more.

It's like going to a restaurant. You sit down and order chicken. When it arrives, it's garnished with oregano, chives, pepper, salt, onions, garlic and it sits on a bed of basmati rice. Now, you didn't say "I wanted chicked with oregano, chives, pepper, salt, etc." did you? No. It's a given that if you're ordering chicken off the menu, you'll also get the corresponding garnishes and side dish without having to specifically request it. Otherwise, you'd get the raw chicken on a platter.

It's similar to a webpage. You go to a website, but when you get there, you don't type in, "Oh, and by the way, throw in the images and moving text and files as well." No. It's a given that when you go to a website, that you'll get the corresponding pictures and text without having to specifically request it. Otherwise, you'd just get a blank page.

That's why measuring anything online using hits is inaccurate. One person can create 10, 20 even 50 hits just by typing in one webpage into a browser. Therefore, the best way to measure anything online is through a combination of downloads, unique visits or subscribers and session length (how long they stick around).
  • When it comes to a website, measure your results by unique visitors, length of time spent on your site and repeat visitors.
  • When it comes to podcasts, measure using downloads, subscribers (see this post for more tips).

And lastly, don't forget to survey your audience. Sometimes your stats won't tell you everything, so asking your target market will. Magazines do this very well with a reader's survey, so develop something similar for your website or podcast.

Update: Michael sent me an email directing me to the original article on his website. As you can see, there's no mention of Internet hits in his original article. Very good.

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Day 17 - Measuring Your Podcast

If you measure your podcasting results, you'll have much more success knowing whether it's working. Read the tips below to determine how you can measure your podcast.

Donna Popacosta on A Way to Measure Your Podcast Audience

Paul Colligan on Podcast Metrics

Homework: Use the tips above to help you measure the success of your podcasting strategy.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 16 - Monetizing Your Podcast

The biggest question many people have about podcasts is, "How do I make money of these things?" Here are a few tips on how you can monetize your podcast.

Andy Wibbels on How Podcasts Make Money

Patrick Curran on 3 Way to Make Money With Your Podcast

Homework: Develop a plan to help you make money off your podcast.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day 15 - Optimizing Your Podcast

Publishing and producing your podcast is the first step. Now it's time to optimize your podcast so you can receive search engine traffic and listeners. Here are some resources that can help you to optimize your podcast.

Stephen Spencer on How to SEO Your Podcasts

Lee Odden on Podcasting and Search Engine Optimization

Jon Watson on ID Tags & Meta Data

Leesa Barnes on Podcast Listing Mistakes to Avoid

Homework: Use the tips above to increase your podcast listenership.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 14 - Transcribing Your Podcast

Hearing your podcast is great, but reading it is just as good. By transcribing your podcast, you offer an additional way for people to consume your content. Better yet, you can develop an additional income as you can offer the transcripts of your podcast for sale (many talk shows on TV use this approach).

There are a ton of companies that offer podcast transcription services. The ones below are just a sample.

Casting Words Transcription Service - 42-cents per minute of audio

PodTranscript - $10 for 30-minutes of audio

PodcastScribe - $3.50 per minute of audio

Production Transcripts - $50 for 30-minutes of audio

Transcribr - $1 per minute of audio

NotePods – 50-cents per minute of audio

Podcasts Transcribed - Contatct them for a quote

Jon Watson reviews PodZinger, a service that transcribes your show for free so that the contents are searchable in a search engine

Mark Blevis reviews PodScope & PodZinger and gets marginal results

Homework: Use one of the services above to transcribe an episode of your podcast.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My podcasting thoughts in German

Ever since I launched the 31 Days to Producing a Better Podcast, I've noticed quite a number of trackbacks and tags from those who blog in German.

As I peruse Technorati to check on who's pointing back to my blog, I'm amazed at the number of blogsites in German that reference mine.

My mother tongue is English and I attempt to speak a few paultry syllables in French. However, I am all linguistical thumbs when it comes to German.

So, Christoph Hörl says:

"Leesa Barnes hat am 1. Juli in ihrem Weblog "Podonomics" eine Artikelserie zum Thema Podcasting begonnen. In diesem Monat will sie 31 Beiträge in ihrem Weblog veröffentlichen, die beim Aufbau und bei der Verbesserung von Podcasts helfen. Bisher sind 11 Tage vergangen und es waren fast jeden Tag nützliche Sachen dabei."

But it appears that Manuela Hoffmann started it all as the blog I mentioned above links back to hers. Her blog says:
"Leesa Barnes wird am 1. Juli 2006 die Serie 31 Days to Producing a Better Podcast beginnen, die sich über den gesamten Monat ziehen wird. Täglich wird es einen Tipp zum Thema Podcasting geben."

I love languages and I can pick up some words based on linguistical patterns from other languages. For example, I can tell that "hat am" translates into "is at." "Und" seems to be "and." But overall, I don't know if these Germans bloggers are signing my praises or telling me to go do something better with my time.

One thing I do know - when I develop my multi-layered, multi-platform, open-sourced podcasting gizmo, I'm going to launch it in 2 languages - English & German.

Have any of you been blogged about in a different language?

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Battlestar Galactica Webisodes

Anyone who knows me understands that I'm a bit obsessed with science fiction. For the longest time, no sci fi show could hold a candle to the Star Trek series. My ultimate favourite is The Next Generation, followed by Enterprise (there's something about that Scott Bakula; he can quantum leap me any day). Voyager and Deep Space 9 fall far down on my list, in that order. And I watch The Original Series only when I need a good laugh and a good dose of cheese.

So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Battlestar Galactica (circa 2005) and fell in love. I mean, obsessively in love.

When I discovered that there will be webisodes of Battlestar Galactica that will begin airing on The Sci Fi Channel later this summer, I almost screamed.

And what a terribly good idea. Any TV show that wants to keep their fans engaged and interested during the off season should follow BG's lead. Actually, this is a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to find an inexpensive way to communicate with your target market using the power of video podcasting.

Do you think Fox will use this approach and bring back Arrested Development?

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Day 13 - Ways to Avoid Podfading

Around your 8th episode, you'll begin to feel the effects of podfading. How can you get past this and still put out a stellar podcast? Read the tips below so you can overcome podfading before it happens.

Wikipedia on What Is Podfade?

Steve Friess on Podfading Takes Its Toll

Manuel Viloria on Podcasting Sustainability: How to Make Your Podcast Last

Homework: Develop a plan to help you avoid podfading. Maybe you'll delegate the tasks you don't want to do, maybe you'll scale back on the number of segments you feature in your episode.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Nielsen's take on podcasting rubs people the wrong way

Think my take on the Nielsen numbers was harsh? Take a look at a few other perspectives.

Jon Watson over at BizPodcasting says that the Nielsen report wrongly compares bloggers to podcasters. As he puts it:

"That's like comparing newspaper readers to karoake singers. No correlation between the two."

Robert Scoble, VP of Media Development at, says that the Nielsen numbers blows when it comes to podcasting. He says:
"And podcasting doesn’t need the false hype. We need real numbers, real research, with organizations we, and advertisers, can believe. This doesn’t help us out AT ALL."

Neville Hobson also had the same question in his post. More specifically:
"Um, podcast listeners on a par with blog writers? And online daters? What a strange comparison. Am I missing something here? I’d love to know what their survey methodology was."

Read the Neilsen report. What are your thoughts?

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Podcasting audience young and highly wired? Think again, Nielson

Yet another survey being released on podcasting. This time, Nielson is weighing in on the growth of this industry. One thing really stuck out:

"In typical Internet fashion, podcasting is being adopted first by younger, more tech savvy demographics. The youthful end of the adult world, 18-24 year-olds, are nearly twice as likely to be active podcast consumers, while adults 45 and older fall mostly below the podcasting curve."
Well, it seems like Canadians are finally outpacing Americans in this area. According to the survey that Sequentia and my company ran (the report is being released on July 21st), Canadian podcast listeners are older and are almost evenly split between men and women. Fifty-one percent of the people who filled out our survey are women, while 59% of Canadian podcast listeners are between 25-44.

Nielson reports that Americans over 45 fall mostly below the podcasting curve. However, Canadians over 45 know about podcasting and are actively listening to them. What's surprising is that 25% of Canadian podcast listeners are over 45, while only 14% of Canadian podcast listeners are between 18-24.

So, gimme a break Nielson. Stop feeding unfounded stereotypes about who podcast listeners are. At least Canadians are mature in their podcasting habits.

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Podcast Academy 4, where are the ladies?

By way of Paul Colligan, I found out about Podcast Academy 4 (PA4). It's all about video podcasting, so I may fly down a day earlier so I can take in this event before I speak at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo.

A quick scan of the speakers at PA4 shows me that of the 8 sessions, 6 of them are led by men. There's one slot still left to be filled on a session about metrics (I can't think of any women who can talk about this) and the live taping of is being co-hosted by a man and a woman (although, I believe the woman is just eye dressing).

(**sigh**) I guess I now have to launch a video podcast so I can be included in this fine group. But why is this burden my own to bear?

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Boost Your Business with a Podcast - No Fee Teleclass TODAY

By way of my trackbacks below, I was led to a very cool blogsite that has everything and anything you need to know about upcoming internet marketing events.

It reminded me to let you know about a teleclass I'm a guest on today at 2pm ET, hosted by Kelly McCausey. It's part of her Hot Seminar Series, so if you want to learn more about podcasting, register now.

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Day 12 - Publishing Your Podcast

Now that you've created your podcast, where do you host it? How do you publish it for the world to see? Check out the mountain of resources below that will show you how to publish your podcast.

Jake Ludinton on Publishing a Podcast

Podcasting Tools on List of Sites That Accept Podcast Submissions

Kay Stoner on Podcast Directories to Submit To & Hosting Solutions for Your Podcast

Jason Van Orden on Podcast Hosting Solutions & Naming Your Podcast File

Scott Bourne’s Review of Liberated Syndication as a Hosting Platform

Podcasting News on Top Podcast Directories to Submit To

Kelly McCausey on Podcast Directories to Submit To

Homework: Go forth and publish your podcast.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 11 - Growing Your Podcast Audience

Jason Van Orden on Writing Your Show Notes

Leesa Barnes at Podcasters Across Borders on Grow Your Audience

Sharon Housley on Set Up Your Podcast For Success

Homework: Put together a plan to double your listenership over the next 3-months.

Did I miss a really great resource that fits the theme of this post? If so, leave the URL in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 10 - Hiring Voice Talent for Your Podcast

Having a professional voice talent provide an intro and outro for your podcast helps improve the quality and gives the listener a sense that you take podcasting seriously. Check out the resources below so you can hire the right voice talent for your podcasting needs.

Jon Watson on Professional Voice Over Roundup

Leesa uses Audioconnell

Voices marketplace

Homework: Hire someone to do a professional intro and outro for your podcast.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rynor: The community building aspect of podcasting

Becky Rynor, a writer who attended the Podcasters Across Borders conference a couple weekends back, had an article published today on podcasting. The lousy thing is that you need a subscription in order to read the article. So un-podcast-like. I mean, the purchasing part.

In any case, I went to my closest Internationale Presse store and purchased a copy of the Ottawa Citizen. I was rather pleased with the article. I was happy to see Rynor clear up some misconceptions ("No, you don't need an iPod to listen to a podcast") and she included many female voices, including yours truly.

She included a quote from me at the end of the article that seemed to sum up the mood of the conference and podcasting in general. What was my winning quote?

"That's what I love about podcasting. The community of podcasters is so open, even though we are all here as competitors. No other industry does this. We share ideas. We give. And we give back."

Blah. I've got to come up with some better quotes. Here are some quotes from the article that I wish I had said.

Bob Goyetche, organizer of PAB and host of Canadian Podcast Buffet:
"With podcasting, I'm as powerful as ABC."

Julien Smith, host of In Over Your Head:
"I would rather listen to a 15-year old who is having trouble at school, than a mainstream radio host who has nothing to say."

Cathi Bond, host of The Sniffer:
"Podcasting is about doing every single thing the CBC won't let me do."

Neil Gorman, host of Comicology:
"[Podcasting] is out Speaker's Corner. It's so cool."

Grab a copy online or go to one of those stores that sell international magazines and newspapers to pick up your copy of this article.

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Day 9 - Finding Podsafe Music

Need to include some powerful music in your podcast? You can't use your favourite Britney Spears song as you'll violate copyright laws. Instead, check out the resources below to help you find podsafe music for your non-commercial podcast.

Philip Nicosia on Podcast Safe Music

Brent Morris on Finding Podsafe Music

Podsafe Music Network

Homework: Use on the resources above to find a piece of music for your podcast.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

CaseCamp with Andrew Barron of Rocketboom

Last night, I attended CaseCamp. Very cool event organized by Eli Singer. It was a packed room and I had a chance to share a case study on a Podcast Gone Bad.

The last speaker of the evening was Andrew Baron of Rocketboom. I first met him at the iSummit conference back in March.

I tell you, Andrew doesn't have an evil bone in him. He has this child-like innocence that makes you just want to hug him for days. He reminds me of a teddy bear, only way less plump and not at all fuzzy.

Of course, he summed up what happened between him and Amanda. I think it was a therapy session, to be honest. He didn't paint her in a bad light, on the contrary, he took responsibility for what happened and said it was like a marriage that had gone downhill.

At the end of the day, Andrew has taken the high road in all this. He never once painted Amanda in a bad light, never posted email communications on his blog, nor did he use Rocketboom as an opportunity to make the other party look bad.

His only regret is that he didn't speak up sooner. He said that blogosphere is painting him as the evil business guy who cut costs by cutting his host. He said that Rocketboom was prepared to move the production team to Los Angeles, but that their newly acquired business partner advised them that due to costs, they should stay put in New York.

Some suggestions from the audience on what Rocketboom should do on Monday morning:

  • Andrew become the host
  • Bring in a celebrity
  • Do "The Best of Amanda"
  • Poke fun at themselves by dressing Andrew up as the "evil business guy"
  • Interview several hosts over the next few weeks and get the viewers to vote on their favourite

Andrew did say that he's working on an angle, but the best thing he can do is not share it. That made the audience laugh in hysterics.

At this point, his main concern is not selling ad space for Monday's show so he can make a ton of cash (this is what one audience member suggested he do). Instead, Andrew's only goal at this point is to address the feelings of the Rocketboom fans. And if anything, that's one thing that Andrew knows really, really well.

Update: I was a bit miffed that someone had posted the video of Andrew's entire speech on You Tube. It has been pulled and rightly so. Eli, the organizer of CaseCamp, assured me that no one was recording our speeches. I was nervous about that because I didn't want to embarass the company whose podcasting strategy I "called out" during my presentation. Andrew bared his soul last night and even joked that those in the room were getting an "exclusive" since it was the first time he was speaking out. To provide a scoop is one thing, but to provide a scoop when the organizer promised that no one was going to record is inappropriate.

Update #2 - By way of Matthew Ingram I found out that the video is back up. Through an email interaction with Eli, he said to me that he and Andrew spoke about it and it was after that conversation that Andrew gave the thumbs up to the chap to re-post the video. If both Eli and Andrew are okay with it, then so am I. (**sigh**) I feel a post coming on about the responsibility of citizen journalists when it comes to breaking a story.

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Day 8 - Podcast Production Tips

Want to tweak your podcast? You'll need to learn the secrets on how to produce your podcast so it sounds like it was done in a professional studio. Read the podcast production tips below for some ideas.

Karen Soloman on How to Record, Edit & Promote Your Podcast

Sharon Housley on Podcasting Tools

Homework: Take some of these tips and improve your podcast.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Report on Small Business has a podcasting consultant

Go here, scroll down and who do you see? It's me! Yes, I'm now (as the Editor says) "a Globe consultant."

If you have any questions about podcasting, you can post them over there.

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Day 7 - Editing & Mixing Your Podcast

To really add punch to your podcast, try editing the audio file you recorded, then mix in sounds and music. Check out the resources below to understand how you can edit and mix your podcast so it sounds professional.

Jason Van Orden on Using Audacity to Edit & Mix Your Podcast

Bruce Murray at Podcasters Across Borders on Editing Your Podcast

Homework: Use the tips above to mix and edit your audio recording.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rocketboom is changing

Here's the question I asked myself when I read this story.

If everyone in blogosphere is blogging about this item, should I blog about it too? Every other blog I visit is blogging about this story, so if I've already been scooped, should I bother? If thousands of bloggers are blogging about it, what new ideas can I possibly add to this story?

So, I decide not to blog about it. But then, I suddenly realize that I'm actually, really blogging about something that everyone else is blogging about.

At the end of the day, there are 3 sides to every story - Amanda's, Andrew's and the truth.

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Day 6 - Recording Your Podcast

Stuck on what to record your podcast with? Try some of the tips from these podcasters below.

Jay Ludington on Recording a Podcast Using Audacity

Glenn Fleishman on How to Record a Podcast (Mac specific)

Stuart Henshall on Using Skype to Record Interviews

Donna Popacosta on How to Record a Podcast

Kay Stoner on How to Record Your Podcast Without a Microphone

Jason van Orden on Choosing a Recording Location & How to Download and Install Audacity

Homework: Buy a microphone and download recording software so you can record your audio.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

CaseCamp Toronto, July 7th

By way of Kate's blog, I found out about CaseCamp being organized by Eli Singer. I saw that there was one more space left for a speaker, so I grabbed it. I'm going to speak about Podcasts Gone Bad based on one of my past posts. I'm also going to make the session interactive by asking the group what they would've done differently. Should be fun.

Interested in attending? I'd love to meet you and network. Check out the event's wiki page for more details and add yourself to the list of attendees.

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Which Liberal Leadership Candidate Is Podcasting?

I was listening to Global National the other night and they did a story on the top rated Canadian podcast in iTunes being that of our Prime Minister.
They went on to say that the only Liberal leadership candidate who's podcasting is Michael Ignatieff, the chap that many believe will eventually become leader of the federal Liberal Party (doesn't he resemble John Kerry?).

So, I went on a mission. I visited the websites of his competitors, including the mothership, the Liberal Party. Here's what I found:

  • The Liberal Party is podcasting (although you can download instructions on how to listen through iTunes via a PDF).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #2, Bob Rae is NOT podcasting (although you can get his news, event and media information in RSS feeds).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #3, Joe Volpe, is NOT podcasting (although you can read his extremely lengthy What I Believe section).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #4, Gerrard Kennedy, is NOT podcasting (although he provides graphics for bloggers).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #5, Stéphane Dion, is NOT podcasting, however, he has forums and he has an online video welcoming people to his website. So, he's almost there.

  • Liberal leadership candidate #6, Martha Hall Findlay is NOT podcasting (although there's a page under Engage the Issues that lists podcasts & blogs, but when you go to that page, all that's there is are 2 fan blogs and a streaming video file where you need Real Player to view).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #7, Scott Brison is NOT podcasting (although he has something called a Scott-cast, but it's in a WMA format so at the end of the day, it's simply audio on a website, but it's a start).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #8, Ken Dryden, former hockey player is NOT podcasting (however, he seems to support blogosphere with his BlogBuzz page).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #9, Carolyn Bennett, is NOT podcasting (although she has a most interesting image that acts as a blog - her "blog" turns out to be text on her blackberry).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #10, Maurizio Bevilacqua, is NOT podcasting (although he has a "blog" which turns out to be simply text on a webpage).

  • Liberal leadership candidate #11, Hedy Fry, is NOT podcasting (although she has streaming video played through QuickTime and she too has a blog, but it's being updated by someone on her campaign).

No wonder the Liberal party is in trouble and won't win any federal election in the foreseeable future. The candidates for the leadership of the federal party is embracing social media tools in a wishy washy way.

Some have blogs, but they're either just slapped on a webpage (instead of using a real blogging tool), or it's being updated by a campaign manager. Some are using what they think is podcasting, but it isn't since you need to download a player to view or listen to it, plus you can't find it in iTunes. Some have forums that don't even include real debate since someone is probably deleting any dissenting comments.

Social media in the form of podcasting, blogging, discussion boards, etc. could help these candidates form real relationships with the very people who are eventually going to vote for them at the leadership conference in November.

Not just that, but for those who truly embrace social media, not just treat it as a casual afterthought, could really set them themselves apart from their competitors and connect with Liberal party members in a way that seems real and not contrived.

No wonder innovation is lost is this country. How many small, innovative Canadian tech companies are now just a division of a American company because they've been acquired? How many brilliant Canadian minds are we losing to lucrative scholarships and job offers in other countries?

It all starts with our leaders. If our politicians are not willing - or don't care to - embrace the technological tools that the common Canadian person is using, then it's comes as no surprise that once they get into office, we feel the effects of their techno-ignorance through archaic policies.

Being a candidate is the perfect time to really understand how social media can help your campaign. Don't leave it to your campaign manager or someone else on your staff. Really take an interest, understand it, then farm it out to someone else.

Out of all the candidates, Michael Ignatieff and Ken Dryden pass my social media test. I highly recommend that if the other candidates want to make an impact in November at the leadership conference, develop a social media campaign that will turn heads, get blogosphere talking and podosphere buzzing.

Your time is right now.

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Day 5 - Getting the Podcasting Equipment

Not sure what to use to start creating your podcast? Here are some tips on the podcasting equipment - software and hardware - that you need to start developing your first episode.

Philip Nicosia on Podcasting Software – 10 Essential Tips

Jason Van Orden on Basic Podcasting Gear

Bob Goyetche at Podcasters Across Borders on Building Your Podcast Studio

Homework: Go grab some podcasting gear.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 4 - Planning Your Podcast

Nothing can kill a podcast than one without a plan. If you need tips on how to plan your podcast, I've dug up some really great resources.

Sherry Frewerd on Choosing a Great Topic for Your Podcast

Jon Watson on Picking a Topic, Choosing a Niche Topic & Planning Episode Ideas in Advance

Jason Van Orden on Choosing a Format for Your Podcast & Choosing a Topic for Your Podcast

Cathi Bond & Nora Young at Podcasters Across Borders on Planning Your Podcast

Carson McComas on 20 Great Ideas For a Podcast

Homework: Based on the tips above, take out a piece of paper and write out an episode plan.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Women's Podcasting Expo vs. BizPodcasting

Jon over at BizPodcasting is a guy I like. He and I seem to think alike and his blog posts are just so clever.

He has a category called Snake Oil where he analyzes podcasting products and determines if the person is trying to make a fast buck in the podcasting world.

Well, Jon just analyzed a new item in his snake oil category and this time, he started a firestorm (read the comments). He analyzed the Women's Podcasting Expo taking place online July 14-16, 2006. Jon's beef is that the organizers are charging speakers to speak. In essence, you purchase a booth for $100 and that gives you the right to present at the expo.

Penny Haynes, who is really making an impact in the podcasting world, organizes these virtual expos and she does a bang-on job. And I know that she uses these expos to not only raise awareness of podcasting, but to do a revenue share with all the people involved in organizing this virtual event.

I spoke at the International Podcasting Expo in April which was loads of fun. I'm also speaking at this Expo in 2-weeks. I enjoy being part of this effort.

What do you think about this? Should speakers pay to speak at a conference? Should speakers be expected to pay the entrance fee to access an event they're speaking at?

(BTW, Tim Bourquin's blog post on this topic makes an interesting read. He organizes the Podcast & Portable Media Expo. I'll be speaking at this event in September.)

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Day 3 - Podcast Interviewing Tips

Want to learn how to use great interviewing techniques so you make yourself - and your guest - feel at ease? Here are a list of resources that give you really great podcast interviewing tips.

DJ Nelson on Interviewing For Your Podcast

Leesa Barnes on How to Record an Interview for Your Podcast When the Person Is In a Different Location

Jason Van Orden on What to Do If You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice

Scott Bourne on Podcasting Interview Tricks

Mark Blevis at Podcasters Across Borders on Podcast Interviewing Tips

Homework: Craft up your own interview strategy based on the tips above for your first guest.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day 2 - Size of Podcast Audience

How many people are actually listening to podcasts? How often do they listen and are they listening right until the end? Check out the resources below to determine the size of the podcast audience.

Forrester reports that 1% of the 5000 adults surveyed have ever downloaded a podcast

Podtrac surveys 55,000 Americans and finds that 41% of U.S. online adults are aware of term "podcasting

Nifty surveys Japanese on podcast listening habits

Feedburner reports that the average podcast has 35 subscribers

Libsyn reports over 45-million requests for podcast feeds

CBC surveys 10,000 podcast listeners and finds that they really like CBCs podcasts

Homework: Using the statistics above, determine for yourself if it's worth it for you to develop a podcasting strategy.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 1 - Start Podcasting

Want to learn more about podcasting? Check out these resources that will help you to start podcasting right away.

Khieng 'Ken' Chho on Podcasting: What Is It & How Do I Begin

Kay Stoner on What’s So Great About Podcasting

Eunice Wallace on How to Start Podcasting

Jason Van Orden on 7 Reasons to Create Your Own Podcast

Patrick Curran on How to Podcast? An Introduction to Podcasting

Homework: Follow these tips and record your first audio file.

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